Winner Package Terms and Conditions


"Organizer, We" means Golden Tree Events Organizing and Managing, Dubai, UAE.

"Package" means the winner package or marketing package or any services. "award" refers to the name of the award the winner has won and ordering the package. "Winner" means the company ordering a winner package.

By Ordering a winner package or marketing package, Winner agree on the following:

  • Upon purchasing the winner package, The winner receives the rights to use the Award program name, logo, Badge, Certificate and winner announcement in their promotional materials such as website, social media, email campaigns and etc.,
  • The Organiser reserves the rights to use the winner's logo, company name, winner speech video on organiser or organiser’s partnered promotional/ marketing related services such as website, brochure, print advertisements, digital advertisement, social media advertisement and etc..,
  • The Winner agrees to the terms and conditions mentioned in the award website and organizer website.
  • The organizer reserves the right to change the terms and conditions on this order form and website without prior notice and the Winner is responsible to visit award program website and get the updates on a regular basis.
  • The winner does not have any rights to use our partner or participant's company details directly or indirectly such as but not limited to usage of our partner / participant company logo, name, brand, any form of screenshot, image, video and etc..,
  • 100% payment along with completed winner package order form  is required to confirm the winner package. After making the successful winner package payment, The winner must send the Completed order form with their official seal and signature to to initiate the order. 
  • The winner package order confirmation is subject to availability of our services and physical items such as trophy, plaque and medal. 
  • Email or WhatsApp or verbal confirmation without payment and completed order form will not be considered as order confirmation. 
  • The winner do not have any rights to recreate /modify any materials owned / created by award program such as winner badge, logo, winner certificate & etc
  • In case of any damage in trophy, plaque or any physical material during the shipping, the Organizer will replace the material one time without additional cost. The Winner must return the damaged material back to the Organizer to initiate the new order.
  • The information mentioned in the winner package proposal or on our website such as but not limited to email recipients, audience target, audience profile, physical & digital item delivery schedule & etc are on estimated basis and not the actual. Though we work hard to give you more accurate information, we do not guarantee any statistics / number and the winner does not have any rights to claim any details such as but not limited to customer data, history, age of the data, sample data, source of data and etc..,
  • All the social media postings/ promotions are on a daily /weekly scheduled basis after the winner's announcement date, The winner company details will be posted within 3 months from the winner announcement date
  • Any listing services such as but not limited to award portal or magazine & etc are restricted only for listing your company details. We do not guarantee on generating any leads / bookings / business.
  • The photos of the trophy, plaque mentioned in the website or proposal are for the graphical representations purpose and there might be a slight difference in the real material /item.
  • The Winner do not have any rights to claim the organiser or organizer’s partner towards such as but not limited to any sales, website visits, lead generations, website & etc.
  • The winner package is non-refundable.
  • The winner do not have any rights to spread any negative information about the organizer or organizer’s partners or award program to any third party (outside the company / management) without the jurisdiction approval, In case of violating this term, the organizer reserves the rights to claim upto 5 Million USD.
  • In case if the Organizers missed out any services to offer in the winner package proposal, The Winner has to send an email to organiser at In such cases, the Organizer will fulfil the missed out services at the earliest
    (Estimate: Digital Services: 3 to 4 Weeks, Any Physical Item: 4 Weeks)
  • The organizer reserves the rights to cancel / modify the winner package order in full / partial. In such cases, the organizer will offer an alternative service or refund for the not fulfilled service. The refund amount limit is restricted to maximum of the winner package order cost paid by the winner. Incase of full refund, The winner must return all ther services / items to the organizer to initiate the refund process.
  • The Organizer will initiate the winner package service once we receive this duly signed form from the Winner.
  • The Organizer does not offer guarantee on direct or indirect sales, lead generation or any business income or similar from any digital related services such as listing your company, featuring or PR submissions or email marketing.
  • The organizer is responsible to pay only the shipping fee for any physical items. Winner is responsible to pay any import tax / duty tax / local govt tax/similar tax as per the law in the receiving /destination country
  • In case of any dispute, the Courts in Dubai will have absolute jurisdiction.
  • Winner package order confirmation is subject to availability of our services. In case of service unavailability after the payment then we refund the amount received on our bank account.
  • The organiser reserves the right to change winner package details such as but not limited to service inclusion, offer validity, discount, price and etc without prior notice.we request you to confirm with our team before making payment to confirm the order
  • Any Freebies or bonus or complimentary services in the winner package or complimentary services offered by the organizer is not applicable for encash or refund or any claim and we reserve the rights to withdraw at any time without prior notice.
  • In case of delay in sending completed order form after the payment, there will be appropriate delay in the delivery schedule from the organiser.
  • The estimated delivery of the winner package is as below, All the schedule starts from upon receiving full payment with completed order form. 
  • Trophy and plaque may take 3 to 4 weeks. Digital services may take 7 working days. Announcement video and delivery may take 4 weeks. Social media posts are on a scheduled basis and it may take from 1 month to 3months. Please check with our team for more accurate information on the delivery schedule before confirming your order. The above schedule does not include the shipping duration or any delay in the shipping due to any reasons. 
  • The organiser reserves the rights to cancel the award winning title and revoke the rights to use award name, logo and brand name in case the winner violates any of the award or organizer's terms and conditions such as but not limited to Award terms, voting terms, winner package terms & etc , There is no refund applicable with no claims towards the organiser or it's partner and winner agrees that the organiser reserves the rights to claim upto 5 million USD from the winner towards violation of terms.